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Associate Director of the Program for the Aging Century Dr. Brie Williams published an article titled “How Health Care Reform Can Transform The Health Of Criminal Justice-Involved Individuals” in Health Affairs. This manuscript was based on the National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine workshop that Dr. Williams attended last fall. The article discusses how reforms in the Affordable Care Act can facilitate policy and healthcare changes that address health disparities in correctional populations.

Anna ChodosBechtel Research Fellow Dr. Anna Chodos won The Institute for Incentives in Health Care Award for her extraordinary vision, dedication, collegiality, and commitment to excellence in starting a Geriatrics Clinic at the San Francisco General Hospital. 
The Institute for Incentives in Health Care Award is given annually at the Geriatrics Fellows’ Graduation Dinner to a person who has made “an exceptional contribution either by ‘making things work’ for a patient or by scholarship to change the system by recognizing the incentives that make it work or those that make it fail.”

aronsonIf you missed Dr. Louise Aronson’s lecture, “Advocating for the Elderly: Telling Stories to Improve Health and Healthcare,” watch the video here.  The lecture begins at the 17-minute mark.


brownBechtel Fellow Dr. Rebecca Brown received a New Investigator Award at the 2013 American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting.  She also received an award for Best Paper, Health Services and Policy Research, for a project examining the role police play in geriatric healthcare, completed with mentorship from Associate Director Brie Williams.  Finally, Dr. Brown received a Presidential Poster award in the Geriatric Syndromes category for a project examining functional disability among older adults hospitalized at an urban safety-net hospital.

ritchieProgram for the Aging Century Director Dr. Christine Ritchie was highlighted in the Forbes article, “Recipe for Relevance: Blend Digital Health Developers and Clinical Providers,” after presenting at a “Meeting of the Minds.” This meeting brought together healthcare providers with ideas for improving healthcare and technologists eager to develop solutions. Dr. Ritchie discussed ideas for using technology to improve chronic pain management in older adults.

williamsAssociate Director of the Program for the Aging Century Dr. Brie Williams was quoted in an article in The Economist calling attention to the often unmet medical and social services needs of the aging prisoner population worldwide. The article describes the rapid aging of prison populations in many of the world’s richest nations (including in the U.S.) and recounts how, despite dramatic increases in the amount of money spent on prisoner healthcare, prisons and jails are often ill-equipped to meet the complex healthcare needs of their geriatric prisoners.

Jack Rowe

If you missed Dr. Jack Rowe’s lecture on health policy, “Myths and Realities of an Aging Society,” watch the video here.  The lecture begins at the 8-minute mark.


brownBechtel Research Fellow Dr. Rebecca Brown has been selected to give an oral presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society in Grapevine, Texas in May 2013.  Dr. Brown’s presentation, “Hands on the Hood, Grandpa: Assessing the Need for Geriatrics Health Training among Police,” will describe findings from the research project conducted with co-authors Dr. Brie Williams, Dr. Mike Steinman, and Cyrus Ahalt.

If you missed Dr. Carla Perissinotto’s lecture, “Examining Loneliness in Older Adults: Too much hype or a true medical concern,” watch the video here.  The lecture begins at the 23-minute mark, after an introduction by Dr. Josette Rivera, who discussed technology in Geriatrics teaching.

Dr. Rebecca Sudore’s advanced care planning website PREPARE, which is one of the Program for the Aging Century’s highlighted projects, is featured in New York Times’ New Old Age Blog, written by Paula Span, and in USA Today


Dr. Meredith Greene, a Program for the Aging Century research fellow with the Division of Geriatrics, recently won an award at the American Geriatrics Society Presidential Poster session for best poster in the geriatric syndromes category. Congratulations, Dr. Greene!

Dr. Deborah Barnes and Dr. Seth Landefeld published an article in a special issue of Health Affairs demonstrating that caring for older patients in specialized Acute Care for Elders (ACE) units results in shorter hospital stays and lower costs while maintaining patients’ function. The ACE unit concept was developed by Dr. Landefeld and colleagues in the 1990s, and this is the third randomized, controlled trial that has demonstrated better outcomes with ACE than usual care.

Dr. Barnes is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF and is Senior Investigator with the Program for the Aging Century. Dr. Landefeld is Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and was formerly Chief of the UCSF Division of Geriatrics and Director of the Program for the Aging Century.

KGO Evening News posted a story on the ACE units study.
Listen (below) or read the transcript on KGO News.

Anna ChodosAnna Chodos, MD, MPH, was recently featured on KQED Perspectives discussing how a fall for seniors is more serious than a simple bump or scrape. Listen to the Perspectives piece (below) or read the transcript on KQED.

Dr. Chodos is a Geriatric Fellow in the Division of Geriatrics.

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